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Morning Newscast 01-20-15

Jan 20, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, officials plan to bring in truckloads of drinking water for the 6,000 residents of Glendive, just downstream of an oil spill into the Yellowstone River.

Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock's latest plan to accept federal money to expand Medicaid coverage has been formally introduced while certain welfare applicants would be required to take drug tests under legislation proposed in Montana.

An apparent pneumonia outbreak has killed about 30 bighorn sheep from two herds in the Gardiner area.

Morning Newscast 01-19-15

Jan 19, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, an oil company says there has been an oil pipeline breach that spilled into the Yellowstone River near Glendive, Montana and there is debate in Montana whether federal lands should be state managed.

A bill being drafted by a Billings legislator would ban cell phone use while driving in Montana and health officials say they are seeing an increase in norovirus across the state.

A 72 year old Montana outfitter who pleaded guilty in 2005 to illegal outfitting on a national forest faces new charges.

Evening Newscast 01-16-15

Jan 16, 2015

Morning Newscast 01-16-15

Jan 16, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, Yellowstone National Park is capturing near the park's south entrance while the Montana Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike says the state's court system will start seeing a backlog of cases due to budget restraints.

State lawmakers are considering a bill to give judges an additional tool for repeat DUI offenders. Dozens of Montanans yesterday asked state legislators to either continue or increase funding for state mental health institutions through Gov. Bullock’s budget proposal.

Evening Newscast 01-15-15

Jan 15, 2015

Morning Newscast 01-15-15

Jan 15, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, over 100 veterans met with Montana Veteran Affairs Health Care leaders in Missoula Wednesday night while Sen. John Tester introduced four bills aimed at improving access to health care for veterans and their families.

In Helena, a bill to increase penalties for those who take video or pictures of people's "intimate parts" without their knowledge got its first hearing today. Yesterday, movie and TV producers appealed to state lawmakers to restore the state’s tax incentives for film productions, which expired at the end of 2014.

Morning Newscast 01-14-15

Jan 14, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, a Missoula County Attorney has determined that a deputy was justified when he shot at a man who was driving his car towards the officer.

Montana education officials say the statewide "Graduation Matters" initiative has inspired more teenagers to finish high school while Amtrak's Empire Builder is back on schedule.

Evening Newscast 01-13-15

Jan 13, 2015

Morning Newscast 01-13-15

Jan 13, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, the sale of Community Medical Center in Missoula has been approved by Montana Attorney General Tim Fox while those who harm police horses could face the  same criminal penalties for harming a police dog under proposed legislation. State wildlife officials are considering a plan to eliminate a herd of 50 bighorn sheep whose reproduction has been stunted and two University of Montana alumni are finalist in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

Evening Newscast 01-12-15

Jan 12, 2015

Flathead Water compact

Montana could take a significant step towards settling disputed water rights on the Flathead Indian Reservation tonight. The state’s water compact commission is meeting in Helena to vote on a new Flathead Water Compact.

Bighorn Sheep

State wildlife officials are considering a plan to eliminate a herd of 50 bighorn sheep struggling with pneumonia, and replace them with transplanted, healthy sheep.


Morning Newscast 01-12-15

Jan 12, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, the Flathead Water Compact is up for a vote tonight in Helena and video gambling has generated nearly $57 million in tax revenue for the state of Montana. More than 2.3 million people visited Glacier National Park in 2014 while 3.5 million people visited Yellowstone National Park. The Montana High School Association is considering a policy that would allow transgender student-athletes to compete on the team that matches their gender identity.

Evening Newscast 01-09-15

Jan 9, 2015

Members of the Montana Republican Party will meet Saturday to decide whether to join a lawsuit that would limit their primary elections to those who’ve registered with the GOP.

A ceremony honoring Montana journalists Friday at the state capitol in Helena included a tribute to reporters everywhere who’ve died while practicing their craft. Former Montana Public Radio News Director Sally Mauk was also recognized for decades of supporting young journalists.

Morning Newscast 01-09-15

Jan 9, 2015

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, Montana Senator Steve Daines says the Keystone XL pipeline is important to Montana's economy while Daines is also signing on in support of a congressional term limits bill. Montana House leaders reached a compromise on their rules yesterday and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have completed negotiations on a new water rights compact for the northwestern Montana tribes. The U.S. Forest Service is closing the Jefferson Ranger District office in Whitehall due to budget cuts.

Morning Newscast 01-08-15

Jan 8, 2015

Evening Newscast 01-07-15

Jan 7, 2015

Morning Newscast 01-07-15

Jan 7, 2015

Evening Newscast 01-02-15

Jan 2, 2015

Montana evening newscast 01-02-15

Evening Newscast 12-31-14

Dec 31, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-30-14

Dec 30, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-24-14

Dec 24, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-22-14

Dec 22, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-19-14

Dec 19, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-18-14

Dec 18, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-17-14

Dec 17, 2014

 Kaarma Trial

A jury returned a guilty verdict in the deliberate homicide trail of Markus Kaarma in Missoula today.

Yellowstone Geyser App

A new mobile application tells visitors when Old Faithful and other predictable Yellowstone geysers will erupt.