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Evening Newscast 01-24-17

Jan 24, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

Governor Steve Bullock is set to give his third State of the State address tonight to a combative, Republican-led Legislature in a shaky economic time for Montana.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has postponed a meeting originally scheduled for this morning to vote on the nominations of Ryan Zinke and Rick Perry to head the departments of Interior and Energy.

Montana's Republican legislative leaders are blasting Governor Steve Bullock for his spending plan's cuts to education funding, while failing to mention that the cuts they propose go even deeper.

Evening Newscast 01-23-17

Jan 23, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

A Senate committee is expected to vote tomorrow on Representative Ryan Zinke’s nomination to be Interior Secretary in the Trump administration.

Governor Steve Bullock will deliver his State of the State address, Tuesday (1/24) at 7:00 PM.

Butte Schoolteacher and State Lawmaker Amanda Curtis made it official Saturday: She is seeking the Democratic party’s nomination to run for Montana’s U.S. House seat.

A Missoula attorney has been named U.S. bankruptcy judge for Montana.

Evening Newscast 01-20-17

Jan 20, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

State lawmakers are debating proposals that aim to help the Montana's child foster care system, and to make the agency responsible for protecting neglected and abused kids more accountable.

The state of Montana has reached a $25 million settlement with more than a thousand victims of asbestos-related disease over claims that health officials failed to bring attention to the hazards of the contaminated mine in Libby.

Republican Steve Daines, Democrat Jon Tester, and Congressman Ryan Zinke react to the inauguration of President Donald Trump today.

Evening Newscast 01-19-17

Jan 19, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

The Montana Senate has passed legislation to change the state's rape laws, and they will now go to the House for consideration.

Lawmakers in Helena are considering a bill that would infuse money back into the state’s main revenue fund by increasing taxes on new oil and gas wells.

A federal judge has ordered Idaho to destroy all information collected from collars placed on elk and wolves, which was obtained illegally by landing a helicopter in a central Idaho wilderness area.

Montana lawmakers take up a privacy bill tomorrow.

Evening Newscast 01-18-17

Jan 18, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

A group of Montana landowners, health advocates and conservationists have filed a lawsuit seeking to force energy companies to divulge more details about chemicals used in energy production.

A delegation of Orthodox Jewish rabbis from the US and Canada is thanking Montana Governor Steve Bullock and state leaders for defending the Jewish community in Whitefish, that was the target of threats and harassment by white supremacists.

A Kalispell man who died of injuries suffered in an avalanche in Glacier National Park triggered the slide while he was testing the stability of the snowpack.

A trial is underway in Missoula in the case of the former CEO of Vann's who is charged with defrauding the employee-owned electronics and appliance store, forcing it into bankruptcy.

Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke who is President-elect Trump’s pick for Secretary of Interior had a four-hour confirmation hearing before a Senate committee Tuesday.

New nationwide rules to curtail the practice of burning off excess natural gas from oil and gas wells on federal land took effect today after a judge said he saw no urgent reason to block them while a lawsuit proceeds.

Evening Newscast 01-16-17

Jan 16, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham


Montana firefighters are again hoping legislators can pass a bill to make it easier for them to secure workers' compensation.

Imagine driving your car, talking on your cell phone, then getting pulled over, ticketed and fined for it. Right now, cities and towns in Montana can individually decide whether or not that’s lawful. House Bill 194 would change that, barring anyone in the state from being legally punished for driving and using a device.

U.S. Senator Jon Tester said repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act appears imminent. He told legislators ripping it away without a replacement ready to take over will cause harm

Evening Newscast 01-13-17

Jan 13, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

A major drug investigation that started in 2015 netted several pounds of methamphetamine, dozens of firearms and the conviction of eight defendants.

State officials, contractors, students and union representatives are urging lawmakers to pass a major public works package despite Montana's current budget crunch.

Leaders from the Blackfeet Nation joined Montana Congressman Steve Daines and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in Washington today to celebrate the enactment of four Indian water rights settlements.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is revisiting whether fishers warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Evening Newscast 01-12-17

Jan 12, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

Montana’s Congressional delegation is seeking to overturn federal mandates for driver’s licenses.

The chief justice of the Montana Supreme Court canceled his State of the Judiciary speech traditionally given to lawmakers after Senate President Scott Sales sent a letter saying senators don't have time to attend.

At least 80 Yellowstone National Park bison are now trapped in government corrals, and hundreds more will soon follow suit and be sent to slaughter.

Montana's legislative leaders are trying to cut off Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl's pay.

Evening Newscast 01-11-17

Jan 11, 2017
Montana Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

Missoula County authorities have released the names of the two people who died in a shooting near Lolo.

A yearlong federal review shows coal sales from public lands need to be modernized to deal with climate change and give taxpayers a fair return.

The neo-Nazi website proposing an armed march through Whitefish on Martin Luther King Day now says it’s postponing its planned demonstration, after failing to submit a complete event permit application earlier this week.