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Jon Tester

Senator Jon Tester wants to reduce the number of student tests required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Montana school superintendent, Denise Juneau, supports the proposal.

University of Montana

Dear Colleagues,
This morning, Jon Krakauer’s book “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town”
was released. I want to share with you my thoughts about sexual assault and the University of
Montana because it is such an important topic that all college campuses – student groups, staff,
faculty, and administrators – must address.
UM has strong relationships with city and county officials, with the business community, and
with so many groups across the valley. When our community faces challenges, we work together
to find answers.

Courtesy Photo

A bill to allow residents in some elementary school districts to vote on building and operating new high schools will now face a third and final vote in the House.

Currently the bill affects the elementary districts of Missoula Hellgate, East Helena, and Lockwood near Billings.

State Budget Work Could Begin Wednesday

Apr 20, 2015

The chairs of the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance and Claims expect Wednesday is the earliest day the joint conference committee will meet to begin work on hammering out the differences over the state budget.

Courtesy Photo

Tuesday sees the release of Author Jon Krakauer’s new book, “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town. The book chronicles high profile sexual assault allegations involving University of Montana students starting in 2010, and their investigations. 

State of Montana

 The State Administration Committee heard much praise, but also much criticism, of Jonathan Motl, whom Governor Steve Bullock appointed as Commissioner of Political Practices in 2013.

The criticism came mainly from Republicans who gotten into trouble with Motl, including Republican Representative Art Wittich.

“You should not confirm Jon Motl," Wittich told the committee. "He’ll bring further shame to this office and to justice itself. Instead make the governor appoint an objective commissioner, someone with a clear history of unbiased and appropriate conduct."

It's Back To School For Foster Grandparents

Apr 20, 2015
Nicky Oulett

Montana is getting older. Five years ago, about 15 percent of the state’s residents were age 65 or older. In five more years, it’s estimated that one in five Montanans will be 65 or older, and five years after that, a quarter of all state residents will be senior citizens.

Over the next two weeks we’re taking a look at how older Montanans are staying active and involved, how they’re helping one another out, and how they’re getting help growing old on their terms, staying out of hospitals and institutions.

Senate Committee Endorses Price Increase For Hunting, Fishing Licenses

Apr 17, 2015
U.S. Forest Service Northern Region

Today at the Montana Legislature, the Senate Finance and Claims Committee passed a bill to increase prices on hunting tags. House Bill 140 would increase fishing license prices by a few dollars, and would introduce a base license fee for any hunter of $8 for residents and $10 for nonresidents. Other special nonresident permit prices would also increase.

William Marcus

The Montana House has reversed course, voting late this afternoon to close the Montana Developmental Center over the next two years.  The bill had been defeated yesterday, but was brought up again today with an amendment that gives families of MDC’s clients more input, as well as studying new uses for the Center’s campus in Boulder.

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

Entrance to Glacier National Park, and all national parks, is free this weekend in honor of National Park Week.

The free weekend comes soon after after the Park Service launched it’s “Find Your Park” marketing campaign, to celebrate the Park Service’s centennial, in 2016.