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The principal of Missoula’s Big Sky High School remembers librarian Christine Fogerty as an energetic, innovative, and enthusiastic educator. The 57-year-old Fogerty was killed Friday morning in a car crash near Bozeman.

Montana Wildfire Roundup For August 15, 2016

Aug 15, 2016
Smoke becomes more visible from the distant Roaring Lion Fire on August 14, 2016

The latest on wildfires around western Montana.

Montana Tribes Seek Wild Bison Transfer To Reservation

Aug 15, 2016
Montana Tribes' Request For Bison Hits Hurdle

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A proposal to transfer wild bison from Yellowstone National Park to a Montana American Indian reservation ran into resistance on Monday from state livestock officials who said the animals pose a potential disease threat.

Wildlife researchers found elk benefited from a wider variety of summer range vegetation in burned areas.

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Kelly Proffitt says a study has found that wildfires may be good for elk habitat.

Fourteen years after a fire burned in the East Fork of the Bitterroot River drainage, a 2014 study found elk in that area had had better body fat, more pregnancies and higher calf survival going into the winter months than elk that spent their summers along the West Fork of the Bitterroot.

Wildlife researchers found elk benefited from a wider variety of summer range vegetation in the burned areas.

Montana Wildfire Roundup For August 12, 2016

Aug 12, 2016
The interior of the Copper King Fire outside of Thompson Falls on August 9, 2016

The latest on wildfires around western Montana.

Groups Change Ad Strategies Before Campaign Finance Deadline

Aug 12, 2016
"Issue" advocacy from the 2012 Montana elections.
Josh Burnham

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Representatives from three organizations say they will either change or cease running issue ads that mention Montana political candidates ahead of a deadline Tuesday that would require them to register as political committees and make financial disclosures to the state.

Flickr User Ian Sane CC-BY-2.0

Montana Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Gary Wolfe says wildlife should not be managed like livestock. That’s why he joined the rest of the commission this week in rejecting a proposal to haze diseased elk away from healthy herds.

Eric Whitney

There's something unusual about how kidney dialysis is done in Helena.

Nationwide, more than 400,000 Americans have kidney disease so bad that they need regular dialysis – meaning they have to connect to a machine for several hours at least three times a week to clean their blood of toxins.

“They have to come at a certain time, so it's very scheduled, very regimented, and their time is not their own,” says Dr. Robert LaClair, a nephrologist, or kidney specialist at St. Peter's hospital in Helena.

Montana Wildfire Roundup For August 11, 2016

Aug 11, 2016
The Fawn Fire in Yellowstone National Park on August 6, 2016
Jesse Page, Yellowstone National Park

The latest on wildfires around western Montana.

Members of Water For Flathead's Future watch a documentary on water bottling at a potluck Wednesday night.
Nicky Ouellet

If water is becoming the new oil, the Flathead Valley could become the new Bakken. That’s what many people fear since news of a proposed water bottling plant outside of Kalispell broke earlier this spring.

Last week, Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality hosted a public meeting to take comments on one aspect of the proposed facility. Comments are due this coming Monday.