Richard Little Bear en "We Are the Spirits of These Bones" <p>We have been with these bones<br />for a long time<br />and we are beginning to feel<br />a whole lot better now<br />that these bones are back among the Cheyenne people on their Reservation.<br /><br />But we are troubled for another reason.<br />We want to travel on<br />now that these bones are safely buried.<br />They have now been properly put to rest.<br /><br />All that has happened is all very good.<br />These bones are now in a good place.<br />But we are still troubled:<br />We as the spirits do not know this place.<br />We just used to travel through this place when Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:42:07 +0000 Richard Little Bear 9977 at "We Are the Spirits of These Bones"