children's toys en "Toys 'R' War" <p>Hey kid!<br />Need a gun for Christmas?<br />How 'bout a land mine, grenade launcher<br />or poison dart?<br />Wanna go to the virtual reality world<br />and beat down homeless people?<br />Hey kid!<br />We have loaded dice,<br />hemlock rice,<br />'n' 28 flavors of body lice.<br />We have cartoons of a baby buggy<br />loaded with 30 lbs. of TNT<br />exploding in a crowded Baghdad street market,<br />and our laser swords will glow<br />through Silent Night,<br />O Holy Night.<br /><br />Hey kid!<br />Come on down.<br />Visit Toys 'R' War,<br />get a head start on death. Mon, 02 Dec 2013 13:00:00 +0000 Michael Revere 10994 at "Toys 'R' War"