Butte Council of Commissioners http://mtpr.org en Butte open container ban heads to final vote http://mtpr.org/post/butte-open-container-ban-heads-final-vote <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Butte’s Council of Commissioners is preparing to take a final vote on an ordinance to curb the community’s stance on open containers of alcohol in public.</span></p><p>Right now, the city has no open container law.</p><p>The ordinance before the council would make it illegal to have an open alcoholic drink in public between the hours of 2 AM and 8 AM.</p><p>Capitol Reporter Dan Boyce tells us commissioners and the community are split on the issue.</p><p></p> Wed, 20 Nov 2013 00:35:37 +0000 Dan Boyce 11364 at http://mtpr.org Butte open container ban heads to final vote