Josh Slotnick en Giving Thanks, A Few Years Later <p>The sliding barn door slams against the far wall<br />winter light pours in like water through floodgates<br />dust floats in trapped sun<br /><br />I reach up and grab the feet<br />of one more stunned and screaming<br />blue-green-brown Naragansett turkey<br />roosting in the rafters<br /><br />Quick, he's upside down, wings spread out<br />heavy body bouncing<br />against the right hip of my spattered coveralls<br /><br />100 turkeys, 8 friends, 3 days before Thanksgiving<br /><br />So many conversations with my buddy about this place<br />his place<br />rented but for sale Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:01:44 +0000 Josh Slotnick 11587 at Giving Thanks, A Few Years Later