Jules Boykoff http://mtpr.org en Jules Boykoff - The Olympics: Celebration Capitalism http://mtpr.org/post/jules-boykoff-olympics-celebration-capitalism <p>2/10/2014 - The Olympics are perhaps the crown jewels of sports. The pomp and circumstance, the pageantry and international competition make the games special. They&nbsp;began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, Greece. They were held in honor of&nbsp;Zeus, king of the gods. Today, the gods are fame, fortune, and national pride. The Olympics are a multi-billion dollar extravaganza. Behind the spectacle of athletic prowess and the patina of global harmony, brass-knuckle politics and brute economics reign. Wed, 05 Feb 2014 19:29:16 +0000 Sue Ginn 14588 at http://mtpr.org Jules Boykoff - The Olympics: Celebration Capitalism