Premiums en Spring Pledge Week <p><strong><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">Spring Pledge Week is.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">.</xmlns:texthelpns><br /><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">APRIL 6-13, 2014</xmlns:texthelpns></strong></p> Tue, 04 Mar 2014 16:11:02 +0000 Linda Talbott 15687 at Spring Pledge Week Two Temp Jobs for the Spring Premium Crew <p><strong>Do you have what it takes to be on the Premium Crew at MTPR?</strong></p><ul><li><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">Can you tell the time of day by our program schedule?</xmlns:texthelpns><br /></li><li>Creatively describe a gift of llama manure?</li><li>Learn new software and data entry procedures with ease?</li><li>Take a good photo of hand knitted socks?</li><li>Write clearly and proofread well?</li><li>Be happy in a busy, collaborative workplace?</li></ul><p><strong>We know the perfect people for this job are already listening!</strong></p> Fri, 07 Feb 2014 20:53:47 +0000 Linda Talbott 14667 at Two Temp Jobs for the Spring Premium Crew