car wreck en "April, Seattle to Missoula" <p>When the doe stepped out—<br />eyes tight on the head beams—<br />you said your one word<br /><em>god </em>before I jolted awake,<br />and then she was gone.<br />I remembered that Wisconsin night<br />when I was a child trying to sleep<br />in the back seat of the blue Rambler,<br />Father and Mother talking up front.<br />How white pine and deer glinted<br />in and out of light, but more<br />than this—the way<br />a moment can change you.<br /><br />How we came first on the wreck<br />and I saw the man, then the woman.<br />As though they had pulled off the road Mon, 28 Apr 2014 11:55:00 +0000 Carmen Germain 18043 at "April, Seattle to Missoula"