Keetje Kuipers en "Fourth of July" <p>If I have any romantic notions left,<br>please let me abandon them here<br>on the dashboard of your Subaru<br>beside this container of gas station<br>potato salad and bottle of sunscreen.<br>Otherwise, my heart is a sugar packet<br>waiting to be shaken open by some<br>other man’s hand. Let there be another town<br>after this one, a town with an improbable Western<br>name—Wisdom, Last Chance—where we can get<br>a room and a six-pack, where the fireworks<br>end early, say nine o’clock, before it’s really<br>gotten dark enough to see them because<br>everyone has to work in the morning. Mon, 01 Jul 2013 16:55:00 +0000 Keetje Kuipers 3842 at "Fourth of July"