Sarah Maclay en "Trot" <p>A loose translation, not yet quite a gallop, more than a walk: to be<br>literal is to be a little jerky, rider and horse not unified into that<br>smooth flight of sweet aching below the saddle, all feet off the<br>ground at once. Well, another hour goes by. You'll need it. But it<br>gives you the idea—lap slapping against leather or, bareback, the<br>soft hair below the mane, yet it's not a place you can stay for long,<br>breath beginning to move in response to the horse's footsteps—<br>even more involuntary, a quick exhalation, a little feat of being Mon, 24 Jun 2013 12:48:00 +0000 Sarah Maclay 3841 at "Trot"