Robert Wrigley en "Nuthatch Sitting on a Bear's Nose" <p>Really just a small cast iron representation<br>of the latter, a bottle opener mounted<br>to the southeast post of the shack's porch,<br>a Christmas gift from my niece,<br>and nothing to be stood upon, not even by a bird,<br>except for the nugget of ice at the end of the snout<br>that gives it a place. Some think art is lost<br>on the beasts of field and forest. Not I.<br>The chainsaw sculpture of an eagle<br>I fashioned years ago and fastened to a stump,<br>was sniffed at at length before the coyote<br>lifted his leg and joined the ranks of the critical establishment, Mon, 08 Jul 2013 11:57:00 +0000 Robert Wrigley 4975 at "Nuthatch Sitting on a Bear's Nose"