A Mid-July Invitation http://mtpr.org en "A Mid-July Invitation" http://mtpr.org/post/mid-july-invitation <p>The energy crisis is over. Lights are back on the Strip.<br>Name the place:&nbsp; Sahara, Caesar's Palace, Casino de Paris.<br>This way, please. Come, my people; drink on the house.<br>You, Great-grandpa, dice thrower from Sichuan, casting away<br>one hundred acres of our land overnight, be of good cheer,<br>this satchel of gold will last you a long while;<br>and you, Uncle Lu, widower and recluse of Fuling, accost<br>this Dixie belle, dare what you've never dared before;<br>this bottle will make you bold; and you, Da Shing, you Mon, 15 Jul 2013 20:47:17 +0000 Stephen Shu-Ning Liu 5379 at http://mtpr.org "A Mid-July Invitation"