Flathead river http://mtpr.org en Cutthroat Conservation Project Nears Finish Line In The Flathead http://mtpr.org/post/cutthroat-conservation-project-nears-finish-line-flathead <p>A large scale conservation project to restore genetically pure west slope cutthroat trout in northwest Montana nears the finish line. Three of 21 lakes remain for Fish, Wildlife and Parks to treat as part of the South Fork West Slope Cutthroat Trout Project.</p><p>Fisheries Biologist Matt Boyer said this September they’ll be working on Koessler Lake in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This lake they’ll be treating with a poison called Rotenone and re-stocking with genetically pure West Slope Cutthroat Trout.</p> Thu, 10 Jul 2014 16:47:55 +0000 Katrin Frye 21741 at http://mtpr.org Cutthroat Conservation Project Nears Finish Line In The Flathead Teaching stewardship for the future by honoring the past http://mtpr.org/post/teaching-stewardship-future-honoring-past <p>Each May for about two decades the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have held a River Honoring and invited children from across the reservation and beyond. The honoring started in 1986 in response to a push for additional dams below Kerr Dam, along the lower Flathead River.</p><p>Education Specialist Germaine White with the Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation said the Tribal Culture Committee was very concerned about a disturbance to the river.</p> Fri, 16 May 2014 23:25:56 +0000 Katrin Frye 19175 at http://mtpr.org Teaching stewardship for the future by honoring the past Warming waters threaten cold water trout http://mtpr.org/post/warming-waters-threaten-cold-water-trout <p></p><p>As part of our ongoing series in Montana Public Media's "Climate Week", we focus on the impact of climate change on Montana's waters, and the native fish adapted to thrive in cold, glacier-fed streams.</p><p>Cold water fish like west slope cutthroat and bull trout call northwest Montana home. However, these native fish could be considered the canary in the coal mine in regard to the effects of climate change. Warming waters, changes in spring runoff, and mid-winter rainfall are among the issues affecting the habitat for these fish.</p> Wed, 23 Oct 2013 17:02:49 +0000 Katrin Frye 10086 at http://mtpr.org Warming waters threaten cold water trout Watch out - rivers will be high this weekend http://mtpr.org/post/watch-out-rivers-will-be-high-weekend <p></p><p>Our warm temperatures are forecast to last through the weekend, and that means rivers and streams will continue to quickly rise. LeeAnn Allegretto of the National Weather Service says the biggest flooding threat currently is in Lincoln and Flathead counties.</p><p>“Right now the only river that may reach flood stage is the Yaak river near Troy,” said Allegretto.”But the Flathead river and all its branches will also see dramatic rises.”</p><p>A warm weekend makes it tempting to want to get out onto the rivers, but Allegretto recommends resisting the temptation.</p> Fri, 10 May 2013 21:32:23 +0000 Sally Mauk 2234 at http://mtpr.org Watch out - rivers will be high this weekend