Give A Premium

Special thanks to all of you who participated in our Spring Drive this year by giving an item or service as a gift to another listener!  You made our drive so much fun and truly one of a kind!

We will be sending your acknowledgement forms out this week and next with the names of those who chose your thank you gift(s).

If you chose a thank you gift, you will receive your item, or the MTPR receipt to claim your item, within the next 2 - 4 weeks.  We will be processing hundreds of these, so we want to thank you in advance for your patience.

Please contact Suzanne Grist, 406-243-4988, or our premium line, 406-243-6729, if you have questions or concerns.

Again, thank you for supporting Montana Public Radio - it is truly amazing to celebrate this service with each and every one of you!


Suzanne Grist
Membership Coordinator
Montana Public Radio


We are no longer receiving premium submissions for Spring Pledge Drive 2018.  We hope to hear from you in 2019!

There are several ways to submit your donation:

1 - Fill out our online form and attach a photo of your item or business logo.
2 - Give us a call, (406)243-6729 or (877)615-0669 and we can take your information over the phone.  You can send a photo of your item or logo to
3 - Drop it by our Development office, 629 S 6th St E, in Missoula between between 9am and 4pm, or by appointment.  You can fill out the premium detail form while you're here and we can arrange to have a picture taken here in our office.
4 - Mail your item to us.  Please download the form (link below) and include it with your item. 

Community donated premiums began years ago when a listener offered to rake someones lawn if that person donated money to Montana Public Radio.  It has become a trademark of Montana Public Radio's Spring Pledge Drive and is indicative of the creative, industrious, and generous community that is MTPR.  Keep the tradition alive by donating an item, service, or experience that is uniquely yours!

If you've never donated a premium to Montana Public Radio before, you may have questions about how this all works.  This might answer some of your initial questions:

How does Montana Public Radio use your premium(s)?
Your item will be offered as a thank you gift for a person who donates money to MTPR. We set the pledge amount required for your item.  Sometimes we choose to hold your item for a specific day or program during pledge week.  Example, Irish Soda bread held for a Celtic music program. 

How do listeners find your premium?
A detailed description and image (if you sent one) will be posted on our “donation” web page for Spring Pledge Week.  We acknowledge you/your business as the donor (unless you choose to remain anonymous). Our on-air hosts will also read your item on-air during Pledge Week. Once your item(s) has been claimed by someone, it will no longer appear on the website or be read on-air.

When do you find out if your premium was pledged for?
About a week after the Pledge Week is over, we will send you an acknowledgment with information about your item(s), indicating if someone pledged for it, and if so, whom.  If you’ve chosen to have the person arrange with you to pick up or deliver the item to them, they will contact you.  If time passes and they haven't contacted you, let us know and we will remind them.

If you have other questions or need assistance, please call (406)243-6729 or (877) 615-0669, or send an email to

Thanks for supporting Montana Public Radio! It is so important and appreciated!

Suzanne Grist, Ginnie Morey, Naomi Gerheim and Ian Baldessari
Premium Crew 2018, Montana Public Radio