Monday Poems
4:15 pm
Mon December 15, 2014

"The Dipper In Winter"

Not Ursa Major, whose outer edge
points at Polaris, our North Star,
or the seven sisters of the Pleiades,
the six daughters of Atlas who shine
dark nights for the one who is lost,
but the little slate-black river bird
always rocking and bobbing
to an inner music at the edges
of ice, slick stone and cold water.
The one who flies low and goes
down under the surface to see
what the fish and the water spirits see,
down in the current where sun
and stars stream and smooth
the hard edges, regrets and fears,

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MTPR Program Highlights
1:07 pm
Mon December 15, 2014

December 15 - December 20

Here are MTPR program highlights for December 15- December 20, 2014

Monday December 15, 2014

5:00-9:00 a.m.    Morning Edition from NPR, Montana Morning News, and Marketplace Morning Report

9:00 a.m.    A Writers Almanac - Historical literary calendar, commentary and poetry with host Garrison Keillor

9:05 a.m.    Morning Classics – Adolphe Adam: Giselle (ballet music) – Act I & Act 2; Emile Sauret: Scenes Villageoises, Op. 50 and Souvenir de los Angeles, Op. 11
11:00 a.m.    Freeforms with William Marcus  

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Mountain West Voices
5:00 am
Mon December 15, 2014

A Salish Education: Montana's Nkwusm Immersion School

Indigo Sherman, cutting up a deer
Credit Clay Scott

A visit to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, where students immerse themselves in Salish language and culture at the ground-breaking Nkwusm School.

(Broadcast: "Mountain West Voices," 12/15/14. Listen weekly on the radio on Mondays, 3:00 p.m., or via podcast.)

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Gov. Steve Bullock
5:00 am
Sun December 14, 2014

Gov. Bullock Explains His 2015 Legislative Priorities

Montana governor Steve Bullock. (CC-BY-2.0)
Credit 2011 Century Council

Montana Governor Steve Bullock discusses Medicaid expansion, early-childhood education, infrastructure spending, the upcoming legislature, and more with "Home Ground" host Brian Kahn.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Medicaid Expansion

Gov. Bullock says the "Healthy Montana" plan is a unique solution that will insure thousands of Montanans and help relieve the burden of uncompensated care on small hospitals.

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The Food Guys
5:00 am
Sun December 14, 2014

Leave The Wheat, Take the Chocolate: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. (CC BY 2.0)
Credit Flickr user, Kim

Greg and Jon discuss Greg's recipe for crisp, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, inspired by Ruth Wakefield's original Toll House "chocolate crunch" cookie recipe. Brown rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch substitute for wheat flour. "For any chocolate chip cookie, you must refrigerate the dough at least overnight," Greg commands. "It's the magic of chemistry at work in your refrigerator."

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Flathead Water Compact
7:00 am
Sat December 13, 2014

The New Flathead Water Compact Explained


One of the issues that you will hear a lot about in the coming months is the proposed water-rights compact between the State of Montana and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. It’s the only water compact involving a Montana reservation that remains un-ratified by the state legislature, after the first version was rejected in 2013.

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The Plant Detective
5:00 am
Sat December 13, 2014

Relax, It's Passionflower

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata). (CC BY 2.0)
Credit Flickr user, Audrey

Passionflower is a beautiful climbing vine native to the Americas whose corona reminded people of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during his crucifixion. It's a sedative, milder than valerian or kava - often, you'll find it used in combination with other calming herbs like lemon balm. Passionflower calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety, and soothes insomnia and muscle spasms. Scientists think it increases levels of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. Don't use passionflower if you're pregnant or breastfeeding; it's a uterine stimulant that can over-sedate your baby.

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New Wilderness And Energy Development
6:02 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Senate Passes Montana Public Lands Package Attached To Defense Bill

Bob Marshall Wilderness trail sign.
Credit U.S. Forest Service Northern Region (CC-BY-2.0)

The U.S. Senate has approved an expansive bill that adds new wilderness lands in Montana and blocks mining and drilling near Glacier National Park.

The measures were in a defense bill that passed 89 to 11 today.

The bill adds 67,000 acres to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. It also allows for a complex coal swap involving the Northern Cheyenne Indians. The tribe will get back 5,000 acres of coal deposits it was wrongly stripped of more than a century ago.

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Montana Evening Newscast
5:30 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Evening Newscast 12-12-14

Public Lands 

The U.S. Senate has approved an expansive bill that adds new wilderness lands in Montana and blocks mining and drilling near Glacier National Park. The measures were in a defense bill that passed 89 to 11 today.

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EPA Risk Assessment
4:44 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Hundreds Of Libby Properties Still Untested For Asbestos Contamination

Libby, MT

On Thursday the EPA wrapped up three meetings in Libby and Troy to tell people about the agency's new asbestos risk assessment. In a determination that people have been waiting years to hear, it says that, in general, it's safe to live in Libby now.

But it also says that, for people who live in houses that haven't been through an extensive EPA cleanup, the risk of getting asbestos-related disease is significantly higher.

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