Montana Legislature

Montana state senators Thursday killed a bill that would have forced animal owners to pay the costs of boarding and treating abused animals that have been seized by authorities.

Sponsor Tom Facey, Democrat from Missoula, said the bill was about holding abusive animal owners responsible.

Christopher B. Allen

Markus Kaarma was sentenced to 70 years in prison Thursday for killing a German exchange student in his garage last April.

Before pronouncing sentence, District Judge Ed McLean told a shackled Kaarma he acted like a “hunter” when he purposely left his garage door open that night, not a man defending his family.


A new report says too many of Montana's county jails are unsafe for inmates.

The president of the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association says it makes some valid points and adds there’s a reason for those conditions.

Chris Hoffman is also sheriff of Ravalli County and says operating jails isn’t easy.

"It is difficult work. Our mandate is to keep those facilities clean and safe for both the inmates and detention officers. It's a challenge every day."

Christopher B. Allen

Markus Kaarma has been sentenced to 70 years in prison on charges of deliberate homicide for killing German exchange student Diren Dede on April 17, 2014.

Judge Ed McLean said "You pose too great a risk to society to be anywhere else but the Montana State Prison." Kaarma will be eligible for parole after 20 years.

We'll have more on this story later today.

02/15/2015 - The gains achieved by the Civil Rights movement are fond memories and are celebrated by holidays, memorials and pious speeches. Today, the U.S. has its first black president but while he’s attained political power many other African Americans are behind bars. The eternal war on drugs has resulted in the incarceration of many blacks.

02/08/2015 - From Tamir Rice to Akai Gurley the names of African American men and boys killed by police keep piling up. The lack of a grand jury indictment in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson sparked a protest movement with signs and shouts of “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter.” The death of Eric Garner in New York was videoed around the world. His plea of “I Can’t Breathe” became a rallying cry. Many people are asking where is justice? Illusions have been shattered that we live in a "post-racial" society. Fundamental questions are being raised.

2/15/2015 - In late 2014, Amazon and the publishing house Hachette settled a months-long dispute over who should set the price for e-books. In Amazon’s view, lower prices mean more sales and more readers, and that benefits everyone. But for publishers, the price of an e-book must reflect the investment made, from the author’s advance to a book’s production. The conflict, resolved for now, has only raised more questions about the value of books, Amazon’s business practices, and the role of publishers. Is book publishing an oligopoly, a dinosaur in need of disruption?

Morning Newscast 02-12-15

Feb 12, 2015
MTPR Morning Newscast
Josh Burnham

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, a district judge will sentence Markus Kaarma Thursday for the charge of deliberate homicide in the April killing of 17 year old Diren Dede. Meanwhile, a Missoula man who pleaded guilty to his role in a burglary that preceded the fatal shooting of Dede has been given a three-year deferred sentence.

Republican lawmakers have proposed three bills in the House Judiciary Committee to augment Montana gun laws while dairy farmers and Grocery retailers brought a dispute over milk to the Montana Legislature Tuesday.

Evening Newscast 02-11-15

Feb 11, 2015
MTPR Evening Newscast
Josh Burnham

Dairy farmers and grocery retailers brought a dispute over milk to the Montana Legislature Tuesday.

A Missoula man who pleaded guilty to his role in the burglary that preceded the Diren Dede shooting has been given a three-year deferred sentence for conspiracy to commit burglary and criminal trespass to vehicles.

Wildlife workers captured and collared 45 elk south of Helena as part of an effort to gauge the effects of mountain pine beetles on forests.

Two More Mental Health Bills Advance In The Montana House

Feb 11, 2015
William Marcus

The Children, Families, Health and Human Services interim Committee spent months studying several issues, including mental health services. That panel’s package intends to intervene early and when possible use community-based services.