Less Spending Than Governor's Plan
12:11 pm
Fri January 16, 2015

Republicans Introduce Bills Addressing Mental Health 'Crisis'

Hamilton Rep. Ron Ehli spent part of last year visiting mental health treatment facilities across Montana.
Credit Montana Legislature

Representative Ron Ehli, a Republican from Hamilton, was part of an interim committee that traveled the state for over a year studying the mental health issues. He says committee members, Republican and Democrat alike, came to one conclusion:

“Montana has a mental health crisis."

The response, at least from the Republican side, is a package of bills to enhance existing mental health services at the local level.

Ehli says the proposals total $8 million.

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Montana Newscasts
11:44 am
Fri January 16, 2015

Morning Newscast 01-16-15

On this edition of Montana Morning Newscast, Yellowstone National Park is capturing near the park's south entrance while the Montana Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike says the state's court system will start seeing a backlog of cases due to budget restraints.

State lawmakers are considering a bill to give judges an additional tool for repeat DUI offenders. Dozens of Montanans yesterday asked state legislators to either continue or increase funding for state mental health institutions through Gov. Bullock’s budget proposal.

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Documentary Special
9:59 am
Fri January 16, 2015

Greater Expectations: The Challenge of the Common Core

01/25/2015 - The United States is in the midst of a huge education reform. The Common Core State Standards are a new set of expectations for what students should learn each year in school. The standards have been adopted by most states, though there’s plenty of controversy about them among activists and politicians. Most teachers, however, actually like the standards. This American RadioWorks documentary takes listeners into classrooms to explore how the standards are changing teaching and learning.

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Field Notes
5:00 am
Fri January 16, 2015

Natural History Under A Microscope

Daphnia, a genus of small, planktonic crustaceans. (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Credit Flickr user, Chris Moody

"Not long ago, I grabbed my boots, a small cooler, and a turkey baster from our kitchen. In just a few minutes, I had broken through the ice on the shore of the Bitterroot River, sucked up some water from under rocks, and squirted it into the cooler. I moved on a bit and watched two muskrats, while I listened to chickadees singing with the sounds of the river behind. This was natural history at its best, almost. It was about to get better. I returned home where my microscope was waiting to show me what minute life forms I had captured.

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Montana Newscasts
6:07 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Evening Newscast 01-15-15

Legislative Preview
5:45 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Bill Inspired By O.J. Simpson Trial On Friday's Legislative Agenda

Credit William Marcus

Friday, Republican Representative Matthew Monforton presents a bill he says is the result of a case that rocked the nation nearly 20 years ago: The O.J. Simpson trial.

This legislation,  already enacted in California, would allow evidence of past abuse into current child abuse or domestic violence cases.

“There was outrage about the fact that Mr. Simpson had had a number of prior incidents with Nicole Brown Simpson that the jury was not permitted to hear about that.”

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Flathead Water Compact
5:34 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Flathead Dems, Repubs To Host Water Compact Meeting

Lake County Democrats and the county’s Republican Women’s group are getting together to learn about the Flathead water compact at the end of the month.

The event happens Thursday January 29th, 7:00 p.m. at Salish Kootenai College in Pablo.

An attorney from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will present on the negotiated water settlement currently before the Montana legislature. An attorney for State of Montana will be on had to answer questions.

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DUI Penalties
5:22 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

State Lawmakers Consider Increased Sentences For Felony DUI

Keith Regier (R), HD4.
Credit Montana Legislature

State lawmakers are considering a bill to give judges an additional tool for repeat DUI offenders.

House Bill 111 could increase the sentence for a felony DUI conviction. A felony DUI is a 4th or subsequent conviction.

Currently these offenders serve a 13 month sentence that may not include treatment.

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Transportation Infrastructure
5:06 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Transportation Group Cites $7 Billion Price Tag To Fix Montana's Deficient Roads

Montana’s deficient highways and bridges are a safety hazard and detrimental to economic vitality. That’s the conclusion of a report by The Road Information Group (TRIP), a national transportation group.

According to TRIP's report it will cost over $7 Billion to fix the to 20 road and bridge projects in Montana that the group identified as in need of fixing. At this time only just over $1 Billion is available from federal, state, and local sources.

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Yellowstone Bison
4:40 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Yellowstone Begins Culling Bison That Enter Montana

Bison make their way through deep snow in Yellowstone National Park.
Credit Jim Peaco (CC-BY-2.0)

Yellowstone National Park has started capturing bison near the park's north entrance and bison advocates have sued to stop it.

Disease management and carrying capacity are at the center of the operation.

Park spokesman Al Nash says a total of 800 to 900 bison that migrate out of the park could be removed.

"We're doing so to be able to approach the target bison population and to see if we can reduce the potential for a mass-migration of bison into Montana where there is still some limited tolerance."

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