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Gunmen Storm Afghan Office Of Save The Children

36 minutes ago

Gunmen set off explosives before opening fire on a provincial office of the aid group Save the Children in Afghanistan, killing at least one person and wounding more than a dozen others, local officials say.

At least 14 people were hurt in the attack Wednesday in Jalalabad and had been evacuated to the Nangarhar regional hospital; however, the number of casualties could rise as the gun battle with assailants continued, hospital spokesman Inamullah Miakhial said.

Man Bites Dog

50 minutes ago

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Wyoming Standing Firm On Pot Laws

1 hour ago

In Wyoming, pot is illegal. Not so in neighboring Colorado, where recreational marijuana is available in a variety of different forms.

The general feeling is that if you bring marijuana legally purchased in Colorado into Wyoming, you'll probably get into trouble. But what kind of trouble remains to be seen.

Lawmakers in Wyoming have been trying to adapt their laws to account for more than just leafy pot since 2015, when a couple of Wyoming judges ruled that state law does not have specific penalties for marijuana-laced edibles.