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Corin Cates-Carney is the Capitol Bureau reporter for MTPR,  Corin was formerly MTPR's Flathead area reporter.

Corin has worked for NPR, and is a UM Journalism School Graduate.

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Montana Department of Corrections

Tough decisions about state budget cuts are on the table before lawmakers in Helena Wednesday and Thursday. They’re facing a $282 million revenue shortfall.

A state agency facing some of the steepest budget cuts is Corrections, which stands to lose about $40 million.

Montana will raise the minimum wage by $0.15 in January, 2018.
flickr user 401(k) 2012 (CC-BY-SA-2)

The minimum wage in Montana will increase by 15 cents per hour starting next year, according to the state labor department’s most recent cost-of -living analysis.

Legislative Fiscal Division

An independent analysis of Montana’s budget deficit was released today. A legislative committee is set to review proposed cuts to the state’s budget next week.

A grizzly bear visiting a wire hair snag station near Glacier National Park.
Glacier National Park (PD)

A proposal to remove grizzly bears living in the area around Glacier National Park from endangered species protections could come out as early as next year, according to U.S. Fish Wildlife and Service officials testifying today before state lawmakers.

Gov. Steve Bullock.
Freddy Monares - UM Legislative News Service

(This is an updated version of a story published earlier Wednesday.)

Montana lawmakers and other members of the state’s Environmental Quality Council are asking Governor Steve Bullock for a formal explanation for his dismissal of the former head of the State Parks and Recreation Board. The governor says it was due to a disagreement about legislation.