Nate Hegyi


Nate is the Bozeman-based reporter for Yellowstone Public Radio. Before joining us, he worked as a freelance journalist and as a part-time reporter for Montana Public Radio. He wrapped up his graduate studies at the University of Montana's environmental journalism program in 2016.

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 A crosscountry skier in Yellowstone National Park.
Nate Hegyi

On Tuesday, a coalition of business leaders called on the state’s congressional delegation to pass a ban on mining near Yellowstone National Park by the end of this year. While Montana’s senators and lone congressman all support a ban, passing a bill probably won’t happen by the coalition’s deadline.

Coal mining file photo.
Courtesy USDA NRCS

A coal-fired power plant near Hardin may shut down next year unless its owners can find a new buyer.

If the Hardin Generating Station closes next year, that city could lose 30 good-paying jobs and almost a half-million dollars in tax revenue.

Trial Begins For Oregon Man Accused Of Shutting Down Spectra Energy Pipeline

Jury selection and opening arguments began today in the trial of an Oregon man who sought to call attention to climate change by shutting down an oil pipeline near Big Sandy.

Officials charged Leonard Higgins with criminal mischief and trespassing after he allegedly broke into a fenced area and closed a Spectra Energy pipeline valve in 2016.

Grizzly bear at Swan Lake Flats in Yellowstone National Park.
Jim Peaco (PD)

Most grizzly bears living near Yellowstone National Park are bedding down for winter, but the debate over the Trump administration removing Yellowstone grizzlies from the threatened species list earlier this year is not. De-listing is being challenged in court, and for now, the grizzlies are being managed by the states. 

Wyoming is considering a potential grizzly bear hunt, and its wildlife management agency is holding a series of meetings to get public input on that. As Yellowstone Public Radio’s Nate Hegyi found out at a meeting in Jackson, the public is divided.

Montana Senator Jon Tester.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Yesterday Republicans pushed a massive tax overhaul through the U.S. House, now a similar plan will be debated in the Senate. Like the House measure, it would slash the corporate tax rate and reduce personal income tax rates for many.

But Montana’s Democratic Senator, Jon Tester, isn’t a fan.