Sam Manno

Host and Producer

Sam Manno is a rotating host and producer of the Children's Corner and the Pea Green Boat.

Who is guarding who? Athena and Intuition
Sam Manno

Sam Manno is hosting "Pea Green Boat" today, and he has more pictures from his big happy farm family. Tune in to "Pea Green Boat" at 4:00 p.m. online or on your radio for children's music, and to find out what's going on at Sam's farm.

Sam had a surprise tea party on the Pea Green Boat, Tuesday, November 24, to Celebrate Annie Garde's birthday, complete with David Shaner, tea, and tea bowls from Montana Tea and Spice Trading company.

Atlas, Empathy, Intuition, Scopulorum, on their first walk in the mountains of Western Montana.
Sam Manno

"Pea Green Boat" host Sam Manno loves to tell tales from his farm, where a goat can be a goat. Saturday at 7:00 a.m. on "Children's Corner" he'll talk about his new goat kids Atlas, Empathy, Intuition, & Scopulorum. Tune in on your radio or online to hear more.

Bruce the goat demands equal time in Sam's kitchen.
Sam Manno

Tune in to "Childrens Corner" on MTPR at 7:00 a.m. Saturday to hear more  farm tales from Sam Manno.

Bill Harley sings "You're in Trouble" during his show in Missoula, Nov 1, 2015
Josh Burnham

Bill Harley entertained and delighted over 1,000 fans Sunday in Missoula. He engaged the audience with familiar songs and his stories "Yeast Rolls” and "Field Trip”.

Harley has been a longtime favorite of "Pea Green Boat" listeners. Host Annie Garde welcomed him to the stage.

"Pea Green Boat" Host Sam Manno says he's most at peace when he's out walking with his goats.
Sam Manno

Today is International Peace Day, and "Pea Green Boat" is celebrating. A librarian from Missoula Public Library will visit to talk and share books about peace.

Robert Nighthawk playing on Chicago's Maxwell St in April, 1983.
Sam Manno (All Rights Reserved)

Americana can mean a lot of different things. To Sam Manno, it brings to mind Robert Nighthawk, who Sam happened upon on Maxwell Street in Chicago one cold April morning in 1983. Sam took these pictures while working on a documentary project about Maxwell Street. He'll play some Robert Nighthawk on tonight's "Get To That", 10:00 p.m. on your radio or online.