The 2012 Obama campaign revolutionized how data is used to get voters to the polls

Feb 24, 2014

He's been called a cross between Bill Gates and Batman. As the chief analytics officer for the 2012 Obama campaign, Dan Wagner and his staff of data scientists revolutionized how big data is used to target voters, and get them to the polls.

Analytics expert Dan Wagner

"The world is changing so quickly...the race is gonna be won by the people who are thinking about the future.'

Wagner is now CEO of the big data analytics firm, Civis Analytics, and is in Missoula to lecture on the impact of big data on electoral politics.
      In this feature interview, Wagner talks with News Director Sally Mauk about what set the 2012 campaign apart both in what data was collected - and how it was used to re-elect the president.

    Dan Wagner will give a free public lecture on big data in electoral politics, Monday evening, Feb. 24th, at 7 o'clock, in the Montana Theater on the University of Montana campus.