Author laments “the last gasp of American democracy”

Feb 3, 2014

Chris Hedges has seen fascism and war up close. For nearly 20 years he was a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans - for both print and broadcast media, including National Public Radio and the New York Times.

Best-selling author and journalist Chris Hedges

He was a part of a team of Times reporters who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for their coverage of global terrorism. He left the Times in 2003 after being reprimanded for publicly denouncing the invasion of Iraq. Hedges is now a senior fellow for the Nation Institute, and a columnist for He's also the author of several best-selling books.
    Hedges is in Missoula to deliver a talk in the President's lecture series at the University of Montana. In this feature interview, Hedges talks with News Director Sally Mauk about why he thinks we're experiencing what he calls "the last gasp of American democracy".