Bears starting to - or soon will - emerge from winter dens

Apr 3, 2014

Springtime in Montana brings with it a few certainties: For one, it's gong to be muddy. It's also going to be warm and beautiful one day, then snowy and cold the next.   
     It also means bears are starting to wake up and will soon be lumbering out of their dens.

Wouldn't want to surprise this big boy....
Credit M. Madel

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Grizzly Bear Management Biologist, Mike Madel, conducted his first grizzly bear count of 2014 yesterday on the Rocky Mountain Front.
    In tonight's feature interview, Madel speaks with Edward O'Brien from a remote field station north of Choteau.
    Madel says there are indications that bears in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem are now both hibernating and emerging from their dens a little earlier than normal.