Best-seller describes the greed and celebrity-driven culture of Washington, D.C.

Oct 9, 2013

The government shutdown has put Washington's paralysis on full display, but if you want more reinforcement of just how dysfunctional the nation's capital has become, you might want to read Mark Leibovich's best-selling book "This Town".

News Director Sally Mauk and NY Times chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich
Credit William Marcus

Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for the New York Times magazine, a former reporter for the Washington Post, and now best-selling author. He has lived and worked in D.C. for 16 years, and is a self-described "insider".

He's in Missoula to deliver tonight's President's lecture at the University of Montana. In this feature interview, Leibovich talks with News Director Sally Mauk about why he wanted to write a book that describes D.C. as a "crucible of easy wealth and fame".

"People just want to stay on the 'inside'; that's more important than serving their country."