"Children of Snow"

Feb 3, 2014

                                       for my Children

I try to stay snow that my children wish
would come hard in Missoula, come hard
in me. There is fun in me like children
of fox and geese, sleds without tracks,
without worry. Yet this winter weighs heavy
as wet snow as I visit Welch and ramble
wishing for right time for ripe snow.

Sing a song for all children
who know that snow is holy,
falls holy on us, we, who should rejoice
in this time of work, of play, of holy
laughter that rings at crisp stars.


Put Sey (Good Enough), poems by Victor A. Charlo

Victor Charlo is a member of the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes. He is a direct descendent of the chiefs who signed the Hellgate Treaty. Born and raised on the Flathead Reservation in western Montana, Vic writes poems about reservation life and people. Vic earned degrees from the University of Montana and Gonzaga University. The proud father of four children, Vic resides in Old Agency, near Dixon, Montana. "Children of Snow" was published in his collection titled Put Sey (pronounced Poo Chay), which includes poems translated into Salish by Charlo's daughter April.

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