Chronic Wasting Disease Part II

May 22, 2013

As we reported yesterday, Chronic Wasting Disease continues its push towards western Wyoming's winter elk feedgrounds and Yellowstone National Park.
     In part one of Edward O'Brien's feature interview, Dr. Bruce  Smith explained the science behind CWD.
     In short, it's a terrible, infectious disease that slowly saps the life from whitetail and mule deer, elk and even moose. There is no known vaccine or treatment, animals do not develop immunities to it and it's 100-percent fatal.
     Montana had a close call with C-W-D when it was discovered in a Granite County game farm in the late 90's, but no cases have been discovered in wild herds.  
     Smith, a retired U.S Fish and Wildlife Service biologist says C-W-D is something the public and policy-makers simply must pay close attention to.
      Tonight, Smith continues his discussion with O'Brien with an explanation of why  is so prevalent in states like Wyoming, while Montana - at least so far - remains unscathed.