Classics For Kids and HOP Radio

Jan 17, 2014

Today on the Pea Green Boat, Naomi Lewin, host of Classics for Kids, will talk about musical fantasies. Originally, a musical fantasy was a piece that instrumentalists made up as they went along. Eventually, fantasies evolved into pieces that composers built out of various melodies they liked -- like the Scottish folk tunes that Max Bruch put into his Scottish Fantasy for violin and orchestra.

Mudarra: Fantasia X
Bach: Three-Part Invention
Jenkins: Fantastia Suite in E
Bruch: Scottish Fantasy
Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy
Rodrigo: Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre
Grandjany: Fantaisie
Beethoven: Choral Fantasy
Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Greensleeves

Also today, listen for an original skit produced and recorded with 5th graders from Chief Charlo School in Missoula! Known as HOP RADIO, this class has more shows in store for you on future Pea Green Boat programs.

Listen for HOP RADIO and Classics For Kids today between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.