Cross-Country Family Road Trip

Aug 21, 2014

An audio postcard. Beth Anne talks with Darryl, Nancy and Ray about their three-generation family road trip from Pennsylvania to Montana.  Nancy narrates the trip itinerary, from Falling Water in Pennsylvania to a farm in Ohio, from giant sand dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan to Buffalo Bill State Park in Wyoming. Darryl recalls an unusual encounter with a familiar four-legged critter in Yellowstone National Park in 1948. Twelve-year-old Ray chimes in with his perspective, including an alternative vision for the scenic Dry Fork drainage on the east side of Glacier National Park.

Dawson-Pitamakin Pass trail, Glacier National Park
Credit Beth Anne Austein

Music from Greatest Show on Mars, by Conrad Praetzel and Clothesline Revival.

(Broadcast: The Pea Green Boat, 8/19/14)