Earthquakes Continue To Shake The Area West Of Yellowstone National Park

Jun 16, 2017

Earthquakes continue to shake the area west of Yellowstone National Park today. A sequence of about 30 earthquakes magnitude 2 and larger have hit the area since Monday.

Yesterday a 4.5 magnitude quake occurred in a backcountry area at 6:48 PM, near West Yellowstone. 

Nathan Anderson felt it while working at the Free Heel and Wheel, a bike shop and cafe in West Yellowstone.

"So I’m standing there and I’m doing dishes and I hear kind of this rumble come through," Anderson says. "It was this deep, loud kind of freight train rumble. And I look up and I see the lights kind of briefly move for a few seconds."

Yesterday's quake was the largest to occur in Yellowstone since March 2014. The West Yellowstone Police Department said there were no reports of damage.

Earthquakes occur frequently in and around Yellowstone. In 1959, the Hebgen Lake earthquake near Yellowstone in Montana killed 28 people.