The End Of The Infinite: Amanda Browder's Fabric Art

Nov 30, 2014

Amanda Browder. (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Credit Flickr user, Holly Wilson

Born in Missoula, living in Brooklyn, NY, Amanda Browder's colorful and collaborative fabric art designs come to the Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana-Missoula this fall. Michael Marsolek talks with Browder and Brandon Reintjes, Curator of Art at the MMAC,  about Browder's exhibit in the Meloy Gallery, "End of the Infinite." Depending on weather, more of Browder's work will appear on buildings around the University of Montana throughout the fall and early winter.

Amanda Browder: End of the Infinite                       
October 16, 2014- January 10, 2015
Meloy Gallery, P.A.R.T.V. Building, U.M.-Missoula

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