Exhibits explore the highs - and shameful lows - of Montana’s early suffrage movement

Mar 3, 2014

March is Women's History Month and 2014 is also the 100th anniversary of woman suffrage in Montana.

        The occasion is being marked this year with exhibits at the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library at the University of Montana.

        U-M History professor Anya Jabour was part of the team that helped create these exhibits. Jabour, the Co-Director of Women's and Gender Studies at U-M also chairs the Montana Woman's Suffrage Centennial committee.

University of Montana history professor Anya Jabour

       In this interview with Edward O'Brien, Jabour tell us about the people who fought to bring equality to women. It was tough going and came with its own set of blemishes and shortcomings; but then, most revolutions are like that.

      Jabour says she's always been interested in women's history - even before she knew there was such a thing.