Feminine care products may not be as safe as you think

Nov 6, 2013

Almost all women use some form of feminine care product - from tampons to sprays - but how toxic are these products?

New report on feminine care products safety
Credit Women's Voices for the Earth

Surprisingly, according to the Missoula-based Women's Voices for the Earth, there have been few studies of their toxicity - until now. The group has just released their report, titled "Chem Fatale", of the potential health effects of toxic chemicals in feminine care products. The report found that few of these products have been tested for their safety and that many contain some level of toxic chemicals.

    In this feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Alexandra Scranton, the Director of Science and Research for Women's Voices for the Earth, about the study. Be aware this is a frank discussion of feminine care products.