Fresh pack, helicopters, and the "last best cherry"

Jul 18, 2013

Growers started harvesting cherries along the east shore of Flathead Lake this week.
Credit Katrin Frye

From Polson, north to Bigfork cherry stands which have remained shuttered through the year are just opening up as the cherry harvest starts in Montana.

Some of the growers along the east shore of Flathead Lake are hobby growers with a couple of acres of orchard in their yards scaling down toward the lake, or up to the edge of the mountains.

Many pool their resources and their cherries as part of the Flathead Lake Cherry Growers Cooperative.

Earlier this week harvest started on the first Flathead cherries of the season.

In tonight’s feature, Flathead Reporter Katrin Frye talked with Board Member Ken Edgington about this year’s crop, and Lambert, Rainier, Lapin, and Sweetheart cherries.

He said the Lamberts were first brought to Montana in 1893.