Getting Closer To An Ebola Vaccine

Aug 1, 2014

Presidents from the West African countries hit by the Ebola outbreak are meeting with world health leaders to come up with ways to stop the spread of the deadly disease.

There are 5 different strains of Ebola and the one responsible for the current outbreak has a 70 to 90-percent fatality rate. 

Dr. Heinz Feldmann
Credit NIAID

The World Health Organization is launching a new joint $100-million-dollar response plan to the outbreak that's killed at least 729 people in four countries.

Scientists at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in western Montana's Bitterroot Valley are a key part of the global effort to develop an Ebola vaccine. Dr. Heinz Feldmann is Chief of R.M.L's Laboratory of Virology in Hamilton.
     Edward O'Brien recently asked Feldmann, why Ebola outbreaks tend to cluster in African countries: