Gettting there...

Jul 8, 2014

Montana Rail Link spokeswoman Lynda Frost says the second of three brand new Boeing 737 fuselages has been winched up a steep embankment. The third should be recovered by the end of today.

Credit Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting, Jerry Compton

A total of six fuselages was aboard a westbound train to Washington when 19 cars went off the track some 10 miles west of Alberton. All six fuselages fell off; three remained on top on the bank,  the three others tumbled down toward the river.

Frost says the accident investigation continues, but it's already been determined excessive speed was not a factor. The speed limit in that section is 35 MPH. The train was traveling at 31 MPH.

A 50-person crew has been cleaning the mess since Sunday.

Nobody was injured.