Good Mother Lizard

May 9, 2014

Maiasaura model

5/11/14 & 5/12/14: This week on "Fieldnotes:" "Maiasaura," by Thomas McKean.

"Small, croaking chirps emanated from a tidy pile of mounded vegetation. A huge hulking dinosaur raised its bony skull to investigate and plodded to the mound. With a careful nudge, the dinosaur, a Maiasaura, uncovered her hatchlings with her wide duckbill-like nose....This Maiasaura, Latin for "good mother lizard," knew precisely where to find good food in this area. For years she had been returning to this very spot to lay her eggs...

...Montana has chosen Maiasaura to be the state fossil, and it was the first fossil in space, flying on the Spacelab 2 mission in 1985. Maiasaura is also a special dinosaur to me. Not because it has flown in space or the important discoveries that were made from it, but because it is the Good Mother Lizard, and I myself have a Good Mother Human."