Gov Vetoes Restrictions On His Use Of State Plane

May 5, 2017

Governor Steve Bullock used his veto pen Thursday to kill what he calls "a regular political game" played by the Legislature, to restrict the governor’s use of the state airplane.

The bill sponsored by Missoula Republican Brad Tschida would have blocked the governor from using the state plane for any activity related to state or federal political campaigns, unless the governor reimburses the state for the costs.

During Bullock’s reelection bid last year, Republicans attacked the Democrat on his use of the plane for campaign purposes while on state business. Bullock’s campaign did end up reimbursing the state over $2,000 for using the aircraft. 

The House bill passed on party lines last month, but was vetoed by Bullock yesterday on the grounds that the bill’s was, "unconstitutionally overbroad," and would lead to an endless stream of lawsuits filed with the state's Commissioner of Political Practices.

Bullock vetoed 14 bills yesterday, signing 62 others into law.