Help Keep MTPR Transmitting Across Western Montana

Jul 28, 2016

Five of the radio transmitters that connect you with MTPR programming across western Montana are now so old that we can’t get parts to repair them. Will you help with an extra contribution for the transmitter work this summer? Make your donation now.

MTPR transmitters in Kalispell, Butte, Hamilton, Helena and Dillon are not operating at peak; in fact they are all 17 years old and must be replaced. We have a four-year plan to accomplish that, starting now. But we are $30,000 short of being able to fully fund this summer’s repair work. Will you make a donation to invest in this vital infrastructure?

The transmitters turn our electrical signal into radio waves. The waves broadcast from mountaintops for your radio to convert to sound. These five transmitters are now so old that we can’t get parts to repair them. Once we have replaced even one transmitter this summer, the old one will provide vital spare parts to keep others operating. 

We build, maintain, and rely on the MTPR network together; let’s keep the action coming. Make your donation now.

Our news team is diligently working around the clock to cover Montana politics, health care, energy policy, the National Bison Range, summer wildfires, and, of course, bear encounters.

Our studio producers and engineers are busy rigging equipment and producing live broadcasts from the International Choral Festival in Missoula.

Our whole team is busy partnering with community organizations to collaborate on music festivals around the state.

Plus children’s programming, hand-picked music, and the trustworthy NPR news you depend on.

But none of it can get to you without working transmitters.

Thank you for investing in this vital project. Together we are Montana Public Radio.