Highway 12 SHUT DOWN due to fire danger

Aug 19, 2013

Breaking: Highway 12, from the intersection of Highway 93 South to Lolo Pass is now CLOSED.

Hot, dry and windy conditions have expanded pushed the Schoolhouse and West Fork 2 fires. Area pre- evacuations are underway. Fire officials are urging those who even live east of the fire activity to at least start thinking about their evacuation plans  should the need arise. 

Smoke from the west fork two and schoolhouse fires looking west from Lolo
Credit Sally Mauk

This note form the Missoula Health Department:

Smoke from the Schoolhouse Fire up Highway 12 is impacting Lolo and the Missoula Valley.  Air Quality is currently Moderate in the Missoula area but irritants in the air (because of the closeness of the fire) may affect some people.  Because of the close proximity of this fire, sudden changes in air quality are possible. 

Under the right night time conditions, smoke from the School House fire could flow into Lolo and the Missoula Valley.  If the moderate breezes continue into the evening, the Missoula Valley may avoid Unhealthy air quality for most of today.

Above average temperatures are expected through the week.  Breezy conditions on Monday will increase the fire danger and smoke conditions could change rapidly from new fires or fires that become more active in the wind.