How Flathead High students are helping local businesses

Nov 25, 2013

Norm's News of Kalispell is one of the local businesses which has partnered up with a Flathead High business class to take in-class lessons and apply them in the real world.
Credit Katrin Frye

Hiring and training staff, keeping the books in order, and getting more customers in the door are among the topics being studied in business management classes everywhere. Applying those hypothetical models to real-life situations is the goal of an advanced business class at Flathead High School. Instructor Jesse Rumsey teaches the Business Management class offered through Flathead High School’s International Baccalaureate program.

Instructor Jesse Rumsey said a key project in the coursework involves students connecting with a local business, working with them to identify a challenge, and then through research, coming up with solutions.

“When I first started teaching this class three years ago, I thought that it would just be really neat if we could partner with local businesses, just to have a better idea of what the business world looks like in a community, to give back to our community, to create these collaborative relationships, and to have people that could work with the student first hand,” Rumsey said the in-class coursework covers five major topics of business management: Business Organization, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounts and Finance, and Operations.

“International Baccalaureate Business and Management is our highest rigor class that we offer in the Business Education Department, and being a part of the IB program, students are able to test at the end of the course and receive potential college credit,” Rumsey said.

Rumsey said it’s not only an opportunity for the students to get that real-life experience working with local businesses, but also for her to hear about trends from the business community, helping her shape relevant content for the class.