How incredibly odd it is to see Sally Mauk's empty office.

Jun 2, 2014

This is Edward O'Brien from the MTPR newsroom. I've worked for Sally for some 20-years.

Over the past several weeks we've heard from so many of you who will miss her thoughtful interviews, intelligent conversations and journalistic integrity.  I will too, but let me tell you about something you may not know; and that is just how humane a boss - and friend - she is.
    One brief example: just over three years ago, I made the agonizing decision to end the suffering of my beautiful, big-headed and unbelievably sweet Rottweiler, Sadie. I was a wreck; heartbroken, miserable and depressed. I couldn't concentrate on anything, much less go on the air. Some things I just can't fake.
    I had some annual leave saved up and asked Sally for a couple of days off to mourn and pull it together.         
   Without hesitation - and with a long hug - she gave me a week.
   How many bosses would do that? And that's only one example of her generosity. When I thanked her on my return, she just said: “No problem. We all have lives outside of this place.”

Indeed we do.
   And may this next phase of yours, Sally, be filled with happiness and good health.
    Thank you.
    For everything.