Hunting Group Puts Arby's Elk Sandwich In The Crosshairs

Oct 17, 2017

A hunting and conservation group is criticizing the fast food chain Arby’s for offering a new elk sandwich. The Montana Wildlife Federation sent a letter asking the company not to sell the sandwich, which will be available starting on October 21 at the Arby’s in Billings, as well as two other locations in Wyoming and Colorado.

The Montana Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Director Nick Gevock said the decision to sell farmed elk at a fast food restaurant just doesn’t match up with the way Montanans think about wildlife.

"That’s really a core Montana principle, that wildlife is free ranging and part of the public trust," Gevock said.

Montana voters passed an initiative in 2000 to prohibit game farms in the state, which Gevock said can harm wild elk by spreading chronic wasting disease.

Last year, Arby’s released a venison sandwich in some states and plans to reintroduce it nationwide on October 21. A press release from the company said it decided to bring back the venison sandwich and release the new elk sandwich because it was extremely popular last year and many customers requested it.