If you count bears for a living, you might find yourself staring down a grizzly

May 15, 2013

Bear researcher Kate Kendall
Credit photo courtesy Kate Kendall

U.S.G.S. research ecologist Kate Kendall has been studying grizzly bears for over 30 years and done groundbreaking research into the grizzlies that live in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem.

"She stashed the cub and she came charging back, and she actually came all the way up, like to an inch, of my field partner's feet....then she whirled around and came within ten feet of me."

Kendall is retiring this month, and she recently sat down with News Director Sally Mauk to talk about her career, her research, and her thoughts about the future of the great bear. Kendall started with the National Park Service right out of college, and moved to Bozeman in 1977 to join the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team – one of only a couple of women working with dozens of men.