The Irish Are Coming: Irish Music in Missoula and Butte

Aug 30, 2013

"Front Row Center," Sunday, September 1st, 2013: Michael Marsolek talks with Traolach O'Riordain, Director of the Irish Studies Program at The University of Montana, about the Fall 2013 Irish Music Concert Series hosted by the Friends of Irish Studies of the West.


September 19th & 20th, Missoula and Butte: Simon & Maria O'Dwyer, lecture and music on ancient Irish instruments; September 26th & 27th, Missoula and Butte: Grainne Hambly with William Jackson, Irish and Scottish harps; October 17th & 18th, Missoula and Butte: Roger Landes, bouzouki; November 7th & 8th, Missoula and Butte: Meabh Ni Bheaglaoich & Paidi Mharthain, traditional sean nos Gaelic songs; December 5th & 6th, Missoula and Butte: Liam O Maonlai, traditional and contemporary songs.