Jeffrey Havens' Doubleheader

Jan 16, 2018

Lewis and Clark: Fraught With Difficulties

Fraught With Difficulties is a historical novel about the Lewis and Clark expedition that is solidly grounded in the original journals, which were kept by several members of the mission. Told through the character of Meriwether Lewis, the novel offers a detailed account of the their experiences in which the factual is expanded through created dialogue. 

Scenes of Visionary Enchantment

Scenes of Visionary Enchantment is the photographic companion book to the novel Fraught With Difficulties. The photobook offers hundreds of original and insightful photos shot by the novel author all along the Lewis and Clark trail from Hartford, Illinois to Seaside, Oregon and Hohenwald, Tennessee.    


About the Author: 

Jeffrey Havens
Credit Jeffrey Havens

Jeffrey P. Havens lived and worked in several places along Lewis and Clark trail, which afforded him many opportunities to visit and revisit sites to recreate the journey. He was raised near Chicago, and is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a degree in biology. Havens is also an award-winning, former investigative news reporter for a weekly newspaper in Rockford, Illinois. He was given the award in 2004 by the Illinois Press Association for writing a news series about widespread corruption and mismanagement at a community college. In addition, Havens wrote extensively about the Rockford area’s $160 million jail, the evolution of its pernicious “public safety” tax, and the region’s long history with organized crime. He currently lives and works in Montana as a registered environmental health specialist.