Laying a foundation for peace, one tile at a time

Oct 4, 2013

A grassroots human rights organization in the Flathead is building upon its anti-hate message, literally. The group “Love Lives Here” teamed up with local artists and people from across the community created ceramic tiles spelling out messages of love and peace through words and pictures. The first step of this project happened with the construction of a tile-lined gazebo in 2008. This month the group is unveiling several tiled-lined benches as an addition to the monument.

“The original concept had conceived that it would be a place to sit, and to meditate and to meet and have conversations about subjects that were meaningful,” said co-chair of “Love Lives Here” Ina Albert.

“Love Lives Here” originally formed in the Flathead a few years ago in response to white supremacist activity in the area. Albert said they hope to promote the values of respect, freedom, diversity and safety. She said these values are fundamental for civil discourse, which is vital for a functioning democracy.

“More so today, because of what’s going on in Congress and where the country is, and people unable to talk to one another. What I think would be the wonderful, meaningful purpose of something like this monument with places to sit, and places to talk would be as an example of talking together, being able to discuss different points of view,” Albert said.

“Love Lives Here” is now affiliated with the Montana Human Rights Network.

The Community Spirit Monument is being rededicated on Saturday, October 12th from 2 to 4.